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the basic module

The "Basic Module" includes the analysis and loading of the material, its selection and naming, the edit, a more or less defined color correction, an online of defined duration, a cutdown obtained exclusively from the scenes already used in the main cut, and one or more intermediate and final exports for the provisional and definitive approvals of the work. This basic module will include the possibility of modifying the project. By modification we mean the redefinition of times of the takes already chosen, or the choice and insertion of other takes of the same scene. For this module will be necessary x days depending on the final length of the video, starting from the loading of the material to finished job.The price remains the same whether every day and the services included in the form are used or not. It is a lowered price and the differences between the used and the unused are part of our risk. These x days will not necessarily be consequential, but can be divided, to allow the decision and approval processes of the various actors, always in days. The days are indivisible, that is: if at noon on day 1 an approval is needed to be obtained the day after, day 1 is considered complete and used.

additional modules

"Additional Modules" identifies all of the post-production processes not included in the "Base Modules", such as greenback / blueback, compositing, color grading

with the use of masks, special animated graphics.


- The Chroma Module:

It is required in every job that needs pulling of greenback or blueback perfectly shot, which do not need complicated retouching as garbage mask or frame by frame retouching.



- The Compositing Module:

It is required in every job that needs the management of axes and more than two layers to compose an image that includes a Chroma Module and requires complicated tweaks as garbage masks or manual retouching frame by frame.


- The Color Grading Module:

Necessary when the job requires a more precise color management

that it is not a primary or secondary color on the whole image. So in any case it is needed to use more than two image levels and more masks to compose the final color aspect of the sequences.


- The Motion Graphics Module

In case of complex animated graphics, which go beyond the simple application of

templates or axial movements of elements such as texts and drawings.


- The Cutdown Module

The module needed to make different cuts besides the simple reduction of an edit. So every alternative cut, and every cut with scenes and narrative different from that established by the first editing.


- The Set Form

The optional module when you need supervision on the set.

This supervision allows to reduce and in some cases eliminate the use of other necessary modules in the event that, without a Garlic supervisor, errors have occurred or it has been necessary a particular job that under supervision could have been avoided.


- The re-edit Module

One thing is a change, another is the re-edit.

It is taken into account that the rushes are still available, already named and prepared, and that the intention of the new edit is already known. It is supposed to be stored on some practical support to be reimported into the disks of the workstation or still present on them.

The re-edit is a review of the montage that includes any new shots or the use of alternative scenes like those that after months are needed to promote new features and accessories of a product or a new version with new super and titles.



To meet the needs of a market that is increasingly fragmented and driven by freelance figures who do not necessarily bind their remuneration to 8 hours per day, the standard day of Garlic can include a lunch break.

The decision to stop for a complete lunch break or for a "working lunch" will lie to the occasional agreements and contingencies.

The rules of law, which we know is largely disregarded by any post, should be applied to everything.

However, after 7:30 pm, an extraordinary rate will be applied.

Each module remains indivisible. There will be no module fractions.

For info on rates, please contact us !!

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